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Warhol Superstar Holly Woodland Dies

“Holly did not fear death just as she lived fully she embraced her death......” Continue reading

Classic Iggy Pop Video Links:

The true godfather of punk in his 70s heyday....... Continue reading

St Marks Place Revisited

“All the books that I had read about the Village and bohemia were about these heroes....." Continue reading

Gay Hate Driven By Religious Belief

“The more religious people were, the more they felt like God was an important factor in their life, the more they disliked homosexuals....." Continue reading

Andy Warhol Superstar’s Last (Crowd-Funding) Request

Fans of 70s counter-culture transgender icon Holly Woodlawn have launched a crowd-funding appeal to raise funds for nursing and funeral costs after she was rushed to hospital..... Continue reading

Stop Street Harrassment Launch Anti-groper & Anti-flasher Guide

"Laws can create consequences to deter harassment and, as many harassers are repeat offenders, reporting incidents may prevent future crimes……" Continue reading

THE KING OF NEW YORK (W.I.Z. on Meeting Lou Reed)

The first time we ever went to the USA my producer Kim Mnguni and I, it was a brisk frosty spring 1994. We landed JFK and gaily rode the bus to Manhattan, passing street signs like ‘Queen’s’ and ‘Bronx’ sent us into paroxysm’s of awe. The whole day was spent strolling the pavements in pop revelry, Velvet Undergroud rhythms in our every step..... Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor Pays Tribute to Lou Reed

The message to be drawn from his life is to always be authentic, and not weaken and become a people pleaser..... Continue reading

Lou Reed- Street Hassle (live- video)

Lou Reed’s finest seventies solo moments…..                 Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

Berlin Soul Syndication enquiries

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