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Drug Deaths Force Fabric To Close

“For the past 2 years fabric has operated without incident but tragically in the past 9 weeks two 18-year-old boys have died as a consequence of drug overdoses..." Continue reading

Amsterdam 5 Pill Ecstasy Policy Explained

"If you require people to carry around fewer pills, what usually happens is that the amount of MDMA in a single pill will increase....." Continue reading

Super-strength E-Alert

"What we have now is the strength has gone up to 120mg and more. Recently a tablet contained 270mg of MDMA.....” Continue reading

MDMA ‘As Safe As Soccer and Cycling’

Top Norwegian scientists Pål-Ørjan Johansen and Teri Krebs have launched a crowd-funding campaign seeking to raise money to produce 100% pure MDMA...... Continue reading

The The’s Matt Johnson Returns

80s experimental auteur Matt Johnson has revealed he’s recording a new The The album...... Continue reading

MI5 Prefer Ketamine Users Over Ecstasy Fans

“We realise that some of our candidates may have experimented with drugs in the past and this need not be a bar to your application....." Continue reading

E is for Ecstasy Alert

“At the moment ecstasy is very pure, but people are taking too much because they don't realise....." Continue reading

Ecstasy Dealer English Shaun- Surviving America’s Gulag (interview)

"Without connections and alliances, I would have been attacked more frequently and sustained more injuries than actually happened. The thought of being raped is so vile that I would have fought to the death to preserve my anal virginity. The problem is that the rapists are massive old cons who are sometimes armed with shanks. They put the newcomers in a chokehold and they wake up and they’ve already been raped...." Continue reading

David Cameron Contemporary Endorses Ecstasy

“Suppose, say, you’re at a late-night party and there’s a quality DJ laying down some decent dance anthems. It would seem to me quite, quite wrong — rude, even — not to enhance the occasion with a dab of MDMA…..” Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor Bit: The Ecstasy Blame Game

"To blame club promoters is as misdirected as blaming the bartender when someone dies of alcohol poisoning. One of the big steps required for the next phase of human evolution will be people taking responsibility for themselves and their charges, rather than blaming others . . ." Continue reading

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