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Mike Tyson Undisputed Videos

      “Most celebrities were scared of their stalkers. I fucked mine. They might be crazy but they looked great”.    Mike Tyson says sleeping with thousands of women (usually on cocaine and alcohol) ended up becoming ‘the equivalent of masturbating- the more people I fucked the more despair I felt’ (in his gripping [...] Continue reading

David Cameron Contemporary Endorses Ecstasy

“Suppose, say, you’re at a late-night party and there’s a quality DJ laying down some decent dance anthems. It would seem to me quite, quite wrong — rude, even — not to enhance the occasion with a dab of MDMA…..” Continue reading

Dancing Skills Essential for 19th Century Sexual Success

"The ability to dance was key to romantic success and the movements of the dance mimicked the to and fro of courtship......." Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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