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Blamma! Blamma!’s Belated Return (Interview)

“The original idea was written by singer/ song-writer Ed Harcourt (who's a good friend and former next-door neighbour) and an amazing American singer he was working with, Kristina Train. It had a cocaine-disco, Fleetwood Mac kinda’ feel to it and as soon as I heard it I was hooked and thought it could make an amazing dance-floor tune……" Continue reading

Mixmag Cover Georgia’s Pogrom Against Anti-Gay Hate Clubbers

Police in riot gear turn a blind eye as the horde tears a violent path through the city, led by men in black uniform shouting “Kill them!” and “Tear them to pieces!” They’re talking about Lamara . . . The men in black leading the horde are Georgian Orthodox priests, bent on executing a pogrom . . ." Continue reading

IPM Roma 2013- Mixmag (Breakfast With Timmy Regisford . . .) (interview)

"Dance music is about having fun and going a little nuts. If anyone in the industry frowns on that then they should have gone into banking...." Continue reading

Loco Dice- Don’t Believe the EDM Hype

“Believe me maybe in a year EDM is out and everyone is digging for someone else. This is why we do not belong to EDM, we have been doing our shit for 20 years and longer and it’s working....." Continue reading

Mixmag’s Ticketing Makeover Coup (interview)

“Popularity shouldn't necessarily mean a diminution of quality It's all a question of fashion. People like dancing - that won't change - it's just the speeds, patterns and features of the music they dance to that change....." Continue reading

Mixmag (the Office) video

Mixmag have recently been filmed for a new' The Office' style reality TV show based around the antics of their notorious editor Nick 'Brent' Decosemo. This promo clip includes background audio of Nick managing his staff in his own inimitable style...... Continue reading

Ritzy Ravers Threaten London’s Underground Club Scene

“Going out raving all night to underground music is not a niche activity any more. The big chain ‘Ritzy’ venues, with their cheesy music, air of violence and ‘no trainers’ door policy, are a thing of the past, and the crowds that once filled them have discovered Ibiza, house and techno and the underground..." Continue reading

Sochi Winter Music Conference- 2013

We're getting started again on planning for the Sochi Winter Music Conference (taking place in Sochi, Russia in 2013), kicking off with parties at Sonar Barcelona on June 17. Continue reading

LOVELY big-up from

    PS I never wrote for Mixmag, rather another dance music magazine called Muzik that for a while was quite big in the UK (in the 90s)…. Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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