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Berlin Brit ‘Murdered by Neukoln ‘Lone Wolf’ Neo-Nazi

"We think he is a xenophobic person and that's our working hypothesis- that he might have killed Luke because he was a foreigner . . . . . ." Continue reading

Cannibal Killer’s Killer Confesses

“He’d drizzle on packets of ketchup as blood. It was very unnerving....." Continue reading

Freeway Rick Ross & the Dark Alliance CIA Conspiracy

“I worked out a plan to go legit and leave the drug life behind. This was before I learned that my drug source was actually an undercover operative for the DEA who sold drugs...." Continue reading

Party Monster Killer To Be Released from Prison

Notorious New York club promoter Michael Alig is to be released from prison in May, 18 years after murdering fellow club kid Andre ‘Angel’ Melendez..... Continue reading

John Talabot Cancels Mexico Trip After Delorean Kidnapped

“On Monday morning October 7th we received a phone call at our hotel room in Mexico City from a person posing as a hotel security officer. We were informed that there was a security threat at the hotel. What followed for the next 30 hours was an experience where the threat of death was real......" Continue reading

Full Moon Party Predator Alert

“They are some of the worst criminals in Thailand . . . rapists, murderers and thieves and some are corrupt police......." Continue reading

Ritzy Ravers Threaten London’s Underground Club Scene

“Going out raving all night to underground music is not a niche activity any more. The big chain ‘Ritzy’ venues, with their cheesy music, air of violence and ‘no trainers’ door policy, are a thing of the past, and the crowds that once filled them have discovered Ibiza, house and techno and the underground..." Continue reading

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