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Dave Smith Teams Up With Pioneer DJ To Launch DJ Sampler

"The most important part about this sampler is the synchronisation and the ease of integration. . . “The analogue filter in there, you just grab a knob, twist it and it sounds good. It works really well with digital sound . . ." Continue reading

Pioneer DJ Repeat ‘Don’t Upgrade to Mac’s El Capitan’ Warning

“As a reminder rekordbox does not currently officially support OS X EL CAPITAN 10.11......" Continue reading

ADE’s Gamechangers panel (Video):Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder 2013

Stephen Mallinder, Dave Smith, Gerhard Behles, Shailendra Singh, Giorgio Moroder and Nile Rodgers- chatting about everything from the making of I Feel Love to Roxy Music to the Black Panther Movement and street crime in Sheffield in the 70s. And coke, sex, heart attacks and synthesisers..... Continue reading

New York’s Dubspot DJ School- Teaching ‘Advanced Dancefloor Psychology’ (interview)

“Dancefloor psychology and being able to read the crowd certainly comes largely from experience, but it's not a given that someone will go into a DJ situation even considering how important this is. We want to get the gears turning in our students' heads . . . ." Continue reading

Black Dog- Taking Control Of Controllers (via Kickstarter) (interview)

"All our controllers are always breaking and we needed to replace them. There was nothing on the market we wanted, so we decided to start building our own. It makes perfect sense for us to do this......" Continue reading

Pioneer Make Beat-Matching Obsolete

"Dedicated controls for Master and Sync let you choose which new songs are automatically beat-matched to the master deck. DJs can now focus on taking their performance to new heights through their mastery of loops, cues and new live edit functions, all perfectly in sync...." Continue reading

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