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Pasquale Rotella

Tom Petty Vs Electric Daisy Carnival

"I knew it as soon as I saw the ad. I went, 'Ooh, dead people.' Do you need the money so bad that you'll put some kid's life at risk......" Continue reading

Electric Daisy Chief Banned from Vegas Bars

Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella has been ordered to stay away from two Vegas nightspots for a year after local business licensing manager Karen Duddlesten ‘said there was an issue with the suitability of him.....' Continue reading

Electric Daisy Carnival Founder Fights for his Freedom

'Any allegations of wrongdoing on the part of Mr. Rotella by the District Attorney’s office are completely baseless and flat-out wrong, both on the law and on the facts . . . Any charges against Mr. Rotella are clearly politically motivated and publicity driven...." Continue reading

EDMbiz Vegas Conference Returns (June 18-20)

”Our conversations made headlines; major business cheap deals were formally announced & initiated. This year our team is working around the - clock to capture the - state of our thriving community..." Continue reading

Electric Daisy Carnival Fights Back Against LA Times Vendetta

“As part of their mission to twist facts to suit their sensational story, the LA Times treated the opinions of a few people as gospel, turned everyone who enjoys electronic music events into villains, and ignored anyone that did not agree with their biased opinion.... Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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