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Dave Smith Teams Up With Pioneer DJ To Launch DJ Sampler

"The most important part about this sampler is the synchronisation and the ease of integration. . . “The analogue filter in there, you just grab a knob, twist it and it sounds good. It works really well with digital sound . . ." Continue reading

Technics 1210 Turntables Return for €3,700 Each

Panasonic provoked delight and despair this week when they announced they’ll be re-launching and updated version of their technics 1210s... Continue reading

Pioneer DJ Repeat ‘Don’t Upgrade to Mac’s El Capitan’ Warning

“As a reminder rekordbox does not currently officially support OS X EL CAPITAN 10.11......" Continue reading

Holland’s Sena Targets International DJs and Labels

"Make yourself known, we are looking for you when we have money for you. But if we cannot find you within three years after the airplay of your track, the money goes to other performers....." Continue reading

Jonty Skrufff on DJ Sounds (1 Hour Live Filmed DJ set & interview)

Dan Tait has featured Jonty Skrufff as his first guest of 2014 on on-camera DJ mix portal DJ Sounds, filming the Berlin based Skrufff chief in the DJ Sounds studio just before Christmas….. Continue reading

New York’s Dubspot DJ School- Teaching ‘Advanced Dancefloor Psychology’ (interview)

“Dancefloor psychology and being able to read the crowd certainly comes largely from experience, but it's not a given that someone will go into a DJ situation even considering how important this is. We want to get the gears turning in our students' heads . . . ." Continue reading

Roger Sanchez vs. Drake “Started From The Underground” (Free download)

    Click above for a free download of Roger Sanchez’ latest track- and below for a masterclass in 4 deck mixing with the Pioneer CDJ-2000 nexus players- extremely impressive….         Continue reading

Pacha Ibiza Goes ‘Deep-Tech’

“The Deep-Tech sound was where we wanted to go musically and we set about designing parties around that genre. The whole team at Pacha were of the opinion that we should be part of the scene and not apart from it...." Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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