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ISIS Vs Surveilance Society Vs Activist Citizens

"By using human couriers, ISIS operatives can eschew communication by satellite networks, cell phones and social media, which are susceptible to eavesdropping . . . ." Continue reading

Freedom to Party Street Protest Planned For Trafalgar Square (Sat Jan 30)

“As a new year is upon us it’s now our time as the new generation to take back our right in the underground scene......" Continue reading

UK Undercover Cops Exposed

“You should have fleeting, disastrous relationships with individuals who are not important to your sources....." Continue reading

Ibiza Residents Mobilise Against Oil Drilling Plans

“Many people think it's just a bad joke, but the fact is that the Scottish oil company Cairn Energy, in association with the Spanish government, is planning to drill for oil in the waters of the Balearic Sea…." Continue reading

Berliners Protest to Save the Berlin Wall (Sunday March 3)

“Berliners, part of the listed East Side Gallery are yet to be demolished and converted this March! Why? The reason is because a luxury residential development of the former death strip directly behind the East Side Gallery...." Continue reading

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