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PRS’ Highly Paid Staffers Vs Poorly Paid Musicians

"You've got to understand the business as well. Because if you don't, you're going to be very poor, very quickly......." Continue reading

John Truelove – Vote For Me: for PRS (& For Royalties for Electronic Music Producers

“Electronic creators, especially those who don't DJ or perform live are suffering the most from the changes in the music business eco-system. it's really important that policy is changed at places like PRS to help them to earn a proper living from their creativity....." Continue reading

Berghain Mobilises Against GEMA

Berghain step up their campaign against GEMA...... Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

Berlin Soul Syndication enquiries

If you are a radio station interested in broadcasting our weekly radio Show Berlin Soul please contact:
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