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Berlin- ‘Most Fun City’ – Official

"Berlin’s nightlife is justly world-renowned thanks to unpretentious dress codes, an inherently low-key/low-hype culture and a propensity to stay open until the last person is more or less stretchered out......" Continue reading

Mega-raves- Not As Good As They Used To Be?

“The modern clubbing experience is - with notable exceptions, of course - a procession of anti-climaxes. Clubs really do make you realize that reality very rarely lives up to expectations......" Continue reading

E is for Ecstasy Alert

“At the moment ecstasy is very pure, but people are taking too much because they don't realise....." Continue reading

Mega-Booze Brands Rave About West Africa

"Smirnoff Double Side campaign creates the platform for the young adult to show the other side of their character not known to their peers ....." Continue reading

Free Parties and (DIY) Situationism

“As with the Dadaists and Situationists, we thought conventional politics had run its course and that only by confronting the status quo in new ways could we make a difference...... Continue reading

Old Skool Rave links (DIY live in 92, Desert Storm)

Classic video documentaries including Storming Sarajevo (Documentary about UK sound system Desert Storm visiting Bosnia in the 90s) & DiY Digs & Woosh Castlemorton 1992 (live DJ set recorded at Britain’s most infamous 90s rave...) Continue reading

Super-Rich Invade Ibiza & Vegas

EDM superstar Afrojack admitted he only plays in Ibiza ‘for the money’ this week, complaining to the BBC ‘it has become too VIP’...... Continue reading

US Mayor Agitates Against Avicii

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh promised to consider banning Avicii from his city this week after 36 revellers attending one of his events were hospitalised suffering from ‘intoxication’...... Continue reading

Mark Broadbent: From We Love (Ibiza) to Barbarella (Croatia) (interview)

"All my comments were based on frustration, at seeing something I love changing and being taken over by people who I believed to be less than sympathetic to the lifestyle that we have grown to love here. A bit like the people who we took over from all those years ago would have been about myself...." Continue reading

UK Rave Cops Set Twitter Trap

“Let us help you promote your rave – Ring 101 and tell us the location and we’ll be sure to bring the lights & noise....." Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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