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Wolf + Lamb Producer Apologises for Homophobic Rant Against RA Writer

"andrewryce I was doing my dissertation at Fabric with Craig Richards before you came in someone’s ass....." Continue reading

Loco Dice- Don’t Believe the EDM Hype

“Believe me maybe in a year EDM is out and everyone is digging for someone else. This is why we do not belong to EDM, we have been doing our shit for 20 years and longer and it’s working....." Continue reading

Mixmag’s Ticketing Makeover Coup (interview)

“Popularity shouldn't necessarily mean a diminution of quality It's all a question of fashion. People like dancing - that won't change - it's just the speeds, patterns and features of the music they dance to that change....." Continue reading

Giorgio Moroder’s Early Bird Ethos

I worked until 10, 11, 12 at night, and I was kind of tired. You hear all day long the same – well, not the same – but the heavy rhythm... I was happy to go home and relax...." Continue reading

Fabric Focuses on Sex Pest Campaign

“We have an undercover team whose sole responsibility is to protect customers from pickpockets and 'gropers’..." Continue reading

Seth Troxler: Do I Feel Lucky? Yeah! (interview)

“I've had good luck my whole life, unexplainable luck. I found a four-leaf clover when I was six and ever since then it's been pretty cool.....” Continue reading

Sochi Winter Music Conference- 2013

We're getting started again on planning for the Sochi Winter Music Conference (taking place in Sochi, Russia in 2013), kicking off with parties at Sonar Barcelona on June 17. Continue reading

Moving To Berlin? Pet Duo, Axel Bartsch, Ralf Gutterslut, Steffa Superheilig, Patrick DSP & Snuff Crew Discuss (feature)

    “A lot of times people move to Berlin for just three years or something and then they go back to America or Italy or whatever. But they bring the impact, the energy. That’s really good for the scene, because we have all these new people doing something, trying something. That’s why the music [...] Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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