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Janes Addiction Vs Lollapalooza Vs EDM

Perry Farrell DJing Vs Steve Aoki throwing some cake and directing an audience singalong in Sao Paulo...... Continue reading

DJs Debate Sao Paulo’s Mega-Drought

Leading Brazilian DJs and artists including Webhha, DJ Meme, Benjamin Ferreira, Paulo Tessuto and Erica Alves from Drone Lovers chatted to Skrufff this week about the impact of Sao Paulo’s increasingly severe mega-drought.... Continue reading

Party Crews Reclaiming Sao Paulo’s Streets (interview)

O QUE É NOSSO - Reclaiming the Jungle is a new documentary about Sao Paulo’s growing open-air free party scene created by DJ and artist collectives such as Voodoohop, Metanol, Barulho.Org, Free Beats and Carlos Capslock..... Continue reading

Rio Music Conference’s Sao Paulo Session (December 7)

Sao Paulo is a place for work and business, so much like other metropolises such as New York, Tokyo or London. Rio, on the other hand, is a metropolis in paradise. There’s no arguing with that! People work as hard as they do in Sao Paulo, they just wake up earlier to run at the beach and get a quick swim in Ipanema or Barra before the day really begins……" Continue reading

Paulo Tessuto from Carlos Capslock- Sao Paulo is Stranger Every Day (interview)

“What’s different it seems to me, is that more and more people are listening and dancing to EDM and more and more DJs here are starting to produce their own music and setting up labels. We’re becoming more professional but at the same time it’s still difficult for underground DJs to get booked at the big festivals and showcase parties…." Continue reading

Sao Paulo’s Renato Cohen on Germany Calling on Pioneer DJ Radio (Sept 13/ 15) (Interview)

“The new mix is a selection of the tracks I've been playing often recently. For this particular mix, I used one turntable for vinyl and 2 cd players.” Continue reading

Jonty Skrufff Live at Katerholzig on Pioneer DJ Radio

"The set was recorded at Katerholzig last month in the club’s Hutte dance floor, the wooden hut style space on the left when you walk in. It’s quite different from my usual style....." Continue reading

Renato Cohen- Brazil’s ‘Honest Underground’ Scene Is Thriving (interview)

“This is the first time in my life that I can see my own country developing. Brazil has money now. So much of the club scene here has become really commercial and it’s serious business now. And in a way this is good, because the commercial club scene is so far away from the underground that it feels like we’re experiencing a fresh start again for new, smaller projects....." Continue reading

Claudia Wonder: Sao Paulo’s First Queen Of Club Culture (R.I.P.) (interview)

Brazilian civil rights campaigner and transsexual performance artist Claudia Wonder started her nightlife career in Sao Paolo in 1975, performing alongside iconic Brazilian drag queens including Andrea May, Thelma Lipp and Brenda Lee. Running round Sao Paulo’s then tiny after-hours gay scene, she routinely faced arrest from the police controlled by Brazil’s then notoriously brutal [...] Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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