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Simon Napier-Bell: Meeting Marc Bolan (T Rex)

I first met Mark when he knocked on my front door in 1965 around seven in the evening, with a guitar slung round his neck and a beguiling smile. “Are you Simon Napier-Bell, the manager of the Yardbirds?” I owned up to it. “Well I’m a singer songwriter and you ought to manage me too......" Continue reading

Simon Napier-Bell: Being Saved By Keith Moon

“I really loved Keith Moon. He was crazy in such an understandable way. Not that we saw each other that often, just in discos, or parties, or when gigs we were involved with crossed paths......" Continue reading

Simon Napier-Bell: Don’t You Know Who I Am?

In 1982, when Japan played their last gig - six consecutive nights at Hammersmith Odeon - David Bowie turned up at my invitation. At the car park entrance he opened the back window of his limo and told the security guard, “I’m David Bowie......" Continue reading

Simon Napier Bell- DO Drink (But Don’t Drive)

"I’ve often stressed how important it is not to drink too little alcohol. By and large almost everything interesting or profitable that’s happened to me can be traced back to it......" Continue reading

Simon Napier-Bell On Tour With Mark Bolan (T-Rex)

    Simon Napier-Bell: “In the 70s I happened to be in Tokyo when Marc Bolan was there on tour. I was no longer managing him but he suggested I come along with the band to Osaka to see his show there. We went on the midnight bullet train and the band members boarded the [...] Continue reading

Simon Napier-Bell: George Michael & Recording Careless Whisper

The saxophonist from LA appeared to be playing the part perfectly, but each time George told him, 'No, it's still not right, you see….' and he would lower his head to the talkback microphone and patiently hum the part to him yet again. 'It has to twitch upwards a little just there! See ...? And not too much....' Continue reading

Simon Napier-Bell- Eartha Kitt, Wham & the 2 Faces Of Fame

. The pop business isn’t like the movie business – fans fall for artists who are meant to be the real thing, not false faces. For pop stars, the stage begins each day on the public side of their front door. That’s where the paparazzi will be waiting. And you’d better not be hiding too much of your real self......" Continue reading

Simon Napier- Bell- On Management

We’re delighted to welcome a new contributor to Skrufff, music industry legend and bon viveur extraodinaire Simon Napier-Bell. As a manager, Simon handled the careers of stars including Ultravox, Candi Staton, The Yardbirds, Marc Bolan, Japan, Asia, Boney M, Sinitta and Wham!, while as a writer he’s published three great books about the music industry...... Continue reading

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