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Steve Aoki

The Spectator Vs EDM ‘cynical, corporate shill’ Superstar DJs

“Ignorant pricks like this journalist will always prey on our culture but at the same time we don't help ourselves........" Continue reading

Janes Addiction Vs Lollapalooza Vs EDM

Perry Farrell DJing Vs Steve Aoki throwing some cake and directing an audience singalong in Sao Paulo...... Continue reading

Vegas & Avicii Confirm End Of EDM

“People are sick of the DJs in Vegas. It’s ridiculous to have the same five or six guys, pay them a fortune and lose money . . . . ." Continue reading

Bob Guccione Jr. & Dave Clarke Vs EDM

“The commodification of music is so complete that artists these days create songs thinking they would make a good car commercial........" Continue reading

Steve Aoki & Paris Hilton’s Superstar DJ Tips

EDM icon Steve Aoki has revealed that he uses cake throwing and crowd-surfing in a rubber boat as key artistic elements to enhance the narrative of his carefully crafted DJ sets..... Continue reading

Will.I.Am Disses ‘Dance Music’

EDM icon Will.I.Am has ridiculed rich ravers who get drunk but don’t dance at Vegas’ uber-pricey superclubs, telling the New Yorker Magazine ‘a hit in DJ land is how much alcohol is bought......' Continue reading

MOTOR- Death Rave; latest big-ups

My new remix of MOTOR’s single Death Rave is out this week in the States on Steve Aoki’s kabel Dim Mak (and on T Raumchmiere’s Shitkatapult in Europe). More DJs are getting behind it including this bunch below: Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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