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Mariah Carey Announces Vegas DJ Debut

Las Vegas mega-casino Mirage is to host a DJ gig by 90s pop icon Mariah Carey....... Continue reading

Superhan’s Superstar DJ Declaration

’That crack is really more-ish . . . . . ." Continue reading

‘Underground’ To Replace EDM at US Festivals?

“EDM is killing the world, really......." Continue reading

Paris Hilton: ‘I use a Traktor S4 – and CDJs too’

“My mother always told me it’s not polite to discuss money, but it’s true, I’m very proud. I’ve worked hard. I love music. It’s my passion......" Continue reading

Simon Napier-Bell’s Secrets of Superstar (DJ) Success

“Let's face it - the whole thing is a façade. Being strictly underground is playing safe - you have your niche market and it will keep you in gigs and money to live........" Continue reading

Kenny Larkin Lashes Paris Hilton

US house legend Kenny Larkin launched a facebook tirade against Amnesia Ibiza’s newest superstar DJ Paris Hilton, this week, complaining about her ‘representing the face of dance music today.... Continue reading

Steve Aoki & Paris Hilton’s Superstar DJ Tips

EDM icon Steve Aoki has revealed that he uses cake throwing and crowd-surfing in a rubber boat as key artistic elements to enhance the narrative of his carefully crafted DJ sets..... Continue reading

Big Shot Magazine’s Top 113 DJs’ Tales of 2013

“If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m a fat, aging alcoholic with constant nervous breakdowns, I would be the happiest man on earth….." Continue reading

Todd Terry on EDM- I Play Popular House Music (Interview)

: “I get asked for request sometimes, but I can't play EDM songs its not gonna’ fit the style I play. Good luck to the DJ that could make the request work……" Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor Bit: What’s the best way to Handle Pressure and other People’s Expectations

"Most creative people are necessarily sensitive, often introvert, and absorbed in their art to the exclusion of much of what people regard as common sense….." Continue reading

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