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Barefoot Doctor- on Umek and Sharing Samples (& Ideas)

"While Umek may possibly trigger a minuscule royalty drop or a momentary run of copyists, the rewards he reaps even just in terms of the love and gratitude he'll be receiving from fellow producers all round the world will be far greater, and in the milieu of that love opportunities will be offered to him......." Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor Bit; Why Do So Many Prefer To Fit In?

"Fitting in, giving the right sets of signals, is an intrinsic aspect of the herd bonding mechanism. However with correct education from the start emphasizing the importance of original creative thinking and action, and of being your own person, the effects can be attenuated…." Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor: Lowest Common Denominator Culture (& History)

"Reality is fed us in soundbites, on small windows we can flip away with a thumb swipe. The desire for introspection and to examine the human condition seems to be diminishing. And the democratization of culture is definitely reducing the general mainstream wash to new levels of inanity, albeit it hugely stylized inanity......" Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor Pays Tribute to Lou Reed

The message to be drawn from his life is to always be authentic, and not weaken and become a people pleaser..... Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor; When Big Brother Really Is Watching

Last week the New York Times revealed that US secret police force the NSA are combining GPS tracking data with Facebook profiles, phone records and ‘contact chains’ of emails to build detailed profiles of vast numbers of people . . . Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor Bit: The Ecstasy Blame Game

"To blame club promoters is as misdirected as blaming the bartender when someone dies of alcohol poisoning. One of the big steps required for the next phase of human evolution will be people taking responsibility for themselves and their charges, rather than blaming others . . ." Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor Bit: When Is It Acceptable To Break A Promise?

Based on the notion of there being a law of cause and effect, whereby what you reap you sow, implicit is an equation: the more you keep your word, the more others tend to take you seriously and therefore tend to keep their word with you....." Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor Bit: How Can You Tell if a Person is For or Against You?

"For all sorts of reasons of personal gain, greed, fear, ambition, envy, or pride for instance, betrayal is always a possibility...." Continue reading

Barefoot Bit: What’s the Best Way to Handle Feelings of Worthlessness?

"No matter how good-looking you are, there'll always be someone better looking, often popping up when you yourself are feeling particularly off-colour. No matter how accomplished you are, there'll always be someone more so and so on. When the outside world is not feeding back to you sufficient recognition of your worth, low self-esteem attacks are inevitable......" Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor Bit: What’s the Best Way To Handle an Existential Crisis?

"The key approach is not to try and draw any firm conclusions - attempting to come up with definitive answers to the deeper existential questions of life is a game for fools..." Continue reading

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