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Electric Daisy Looks Back to the 90s

“I’ve loved warehouse parties since the day I walked into one as a youngster......" Continue reading

Vegas & Avicii Confirm End Of EDM

“People are sick of the DJs in Vegas. It’s ridiculous to have the same five or six guys, pay them a fortune and lose money . . . . ." Continue reading

Simon Napier Bell: the Dodgy Business of Popular Music: Elvis Presley

"When Colonel Parker booked him into Vegas, a middle-class middle-aged audience gave him an ice-cold reception – “like a jug of corn liquor at a champagne party”, said Newsweek....." Continue reading

Super-Rich Invade Ibiza & Vegas

EDM superstar Afrojack admitted he only plays in Ibiza ‘for the money’ this week, complaining to the BBC ‘it has become too VIP’...... Continue reading

US Mayor Agitates Against Avicii

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh promised to consider banning Avicii from his city this week after 36 revellers attending one of his events were hospitalised suffering from ‘intoxication’...... Continue reading

Worthy- on San Francisco Super-rich, EDM and Dirtybird (interview)

"I love Dirtybird and our crew, and it will always be a part of who I am as an artist and I will always rep Dirtybird and continue to make tracks that I hope will be released on that label. But I have been working lately to create a place for my music outside of Dirtybird and a place in the scene that is all my own......." Continue reading

Will.I.Am Disses ‘Dance Music’

EDM icon Will.I.Am has ridiculed rich ravers who get drunk but don’t dance at Vegas’ uber-pricey superclubs, telling the New Yorker Magazine ‘a hit in DJ land is how much alcohol is bought......' Continue reading

Electric Daisy Chief Banned from Vegas Bars

Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella has been ordered to stay away from two Vegas nightspots for a year after local business licensing manager Karen Duddlesten ‘said there was an issue with the suitability of him.....' Continue reading

Vegas Afterhours Club Bans EDM & Laptop DJs

"Do not play a pre-mixed set on 1 channel on Ableton (lazy ass), do not mix internally on Serato . . . And do not play on Traktor without the use of external controllers . . ." Continue reading

Acid House Promoter Facing Jail for Bank Caper

80s rave pioneer Tony Colston-Hayter pleaded guilty this week to siphoning £1.3m from Barclays Bank using a sophisticated credit card scam, almost 25 years after he helped popularise acid house by promoting a series of huge raves in Southern England. Colston-Hayter created a ‘less cliquey, more democratic and more profitable version of acid house….’ Continue reading

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