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Uruguay Prices Pot @ 1$ a Gram (£3 an eighth)

Officials in Uruguay announced this week that cannabis soon to be sold legally in pharmacies throughout with South American country will be priced no higher than 22 pesos a gram (0.7 EUR), in a far sighted move to destroy the illicit market entirely...... Continue reading

Imaginary ‘Invisible Girlfriends’ Available Soon (from Feb 14)

“Are you dating someone? Invisible Girlfriend gives you an answer - along with believeable virtual and real world proof - so you can get back to living life on your own terms . . . FINALLY.A GIRLFRIEND YOUR FAMILY CAN BELIEVE IN . . ." Continue reading

London- the World’s Most Expensive City- Official

London’s average rent is 153% higher than Berlin’s rate of EUR1068 per month ‘for 85 m2 (900 Sqft) furnished accommodation in EXPENSIVE area’ (their capitals) while entertainment is 78% more expensive in London…. Continue reading

Spectator Magazine Blames Politicians for Drug Deaths

“They may only be secondarily responsible but they cannot wish their responsibility away. Because these deaths, horrid as they are, must be the obvious, oft-noted, consequence of prohibition....” Continue reading

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