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DJing A Worse Job Than Bus Driving and Being A Security Guard- Official



A new survey of US jobs which analysed work environment, income, stress and hiring outlook has ranked DJing 179 out of 200 jobs, below gym instructors, bartenders, bus drivers, rat catchers and security guards. (Independent)


Though typical security guards earned slightly less than DJs (US$24,000 compared to US$27,000) they were more than compensated by stress levels almost half that of the average DJ, plus career prospects three times better.


Pest Control workers (whose duties include ‘managing or removing unwanted creatures, such as roaches, rats, ants, termites, and bedbugs, that infest buildings and surrounding areas’ earned more than DJs (US30K) for similar levels of stress but enjoyed five times better prospects for career development. (Click here to see the entire ranking of 200 occupations).


Hairdressers were also considerably more content than DJs, a finding that British research organisation City & Guilds also discovered in a study in 2005.


While 40% of the hairdressers they quizzed said they were happy in their jobs, just one in nine DJs (13%) said the same, while butchers (14%) florists (18%), and plumbers (20%) were more likely to be happy as well.











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