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Paris’ Amnesia Party Provokes Facebook Fury

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Hordes of angry Amnesia fans took to Facebook this week to protest about Paris Hilton’s upcoming series of Foam parties in Ibiza, pouring scorn on the legendary Balearic superclub’s decision to book the iconic famous-for-being-famous uber-rich heiress and former reality TV/ amateur porn star.


“Everything that’s wrong with clubbing in one night,” Shaun Warner wrote while Fulvio Grinch Longo asked ‘Where is the “shame” button?!”


Max Baxter read through all 160 comments before adding ‘not one positive comment and I’m not surprised!!’ while in a lengthier post Cam Donaghey slated Paris’ new EDM peers Tiesto and Calvin Harris as well as Amnesia for ‘making a mockery of dance music by supporting the talentless bimbo Paris and allowing her to “DJ” in one of the worlds greatest clubs.’


Msquito Alc was similarly unimpressed, predicting ‘it will be ‘Not a foam party. It will be a Puke party!’ adding (I’m) really wondering about people’s reactions while she plays. Most BOOED set in the history of music?”


Paris, appeared unperturbed by her latest legion of haters, however, promising

(via her latest press release) that ‘Foam & Diamonds will be the most entertaining party in the Ibiza week.’


“The first time I ever took part in a foam party was at Amnesia and it was simply awesome,” she explained, “Magical things always go on at Amnesia. We’re going to have such a great time,” she vowed. (‘Foam & Diamonds hosted by Paris Hilton at Amnesia; four spectacular nights, the highest level of glamour, a VIP feel and tons of fun! 31 July and 7, 14, and 21 August . . .’)










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