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Jonty Skrufff on DJ Sounds (1 Hour Live Filmed DJ set & interview)





Dan Tait has featured Jonty Skrufff as his first guest of 2014 on on-camera DJ mix portal DJ Sounds, filming the Berlin based Skrufff chief in the DJ Sounds studio just before Christmas.


Describing him as ‘laying down a twisted, Berlin inspired groove across four platinum CDJ-2000nxs players, DJM-900 and an RMX-1000’, Dan urged viewers to ‘check out how he jumps around the tracks, creating his own, unique on-the-fly edits using the hot cues and slip mode, while also laying down inspiring spoken word DJ tools. Mesmerising stuff.’


“It was an entirely new experience doing it totally live in a studio with just Dan and myself there and two cameras catching every moment, and though slightly nerve-wracking was nonetheless great fun, “ said Jonty.


“My focus when DJing is always on getting people dancing, keeping them on the dancefloor and ideally helping them lose themselves in the moment and, to use the classic cliché, taking them on a transcendental journey.”


“Hopefully viewers enjoy the tunes and get a small taste of that from the mix,” he said, adding ‘I’m  particularly honoured to be included in a series that includes guests such as Sneak, Laidback Luke and Carl Cox.”

  • Tracklisting details:
  • Pink Skull – Trans Gender Express
  • Steve Jobs – Stanford Commencement Speech
  • BaAus – This Week
  • Waifs & Strays – Gimme Luv
  • Russ Yallop – The Journey
  • Mooner GL – Kue
  • Pig & Dan – Base ft Leo Samuel
  • Peace Division – Club Therapy
  • Myrakaru – Suuskuu
  • ZDS – Drop
  • Matt John – Froydish
  • Matthew Johnson – Level 7
  • Whyt Nouz – Night Night
  • Apollonia – White Ghost
  • Green Velvet – Raised on Robots
"jonty skrufff" "jonty skruff"

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