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Kenny Larkin Lashes Paris Hilton






US house legend Kenny Larkin launched a furious Facebook tirade against Amnesia Ibiza’s newest superstar DJ Paris Hilton, this week, complaining about her ‘representing the face of dance music today.’


“I’m disgusted that the industry is imploding on itself with fake dj’s like this. What does that say about these world famous clubs who use to pride themselves on booking top dj’s to now only book fake dj’s to make money,” he stormed,


Just imagine the conversation she’s having with all of her rich friends about these club owners…. “Yes, these fucking idiots are paying me $350,000 per show. Isn’t that fucking crazy? Fucking idiots!”


His onslaught came weeks after Paris declared herself the world’s greatest DJ, explaining to Britain’s Daily Star ‘my DJ skills attract Ibiza’s top party crowd”.


“For all the haters out there who say I’m just pressing play, no I’m not,” she claimed, “I (also) play the best tracks that bring out the most fun in people.”


Click here to watch Paris’ Icebucket Challenge with Richie Hawtin:


Amazing time at @RichieHawtin’s show last night! Such a #Legend!







Jonty Skrufff:


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