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Berlin-Style All Night Warehouse Club Opens in Gothenburg (Nov 1)

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Swedish promoters are launching a once a month all night club called Mythos in Gothernburg this weekend (November 1st) which aims to circumvent the country’s ultra-tough licencing laws by limiting admission to clubbers who register as members at least 24 hours before.


DJs including Berghain resident Marcel Fengler and Arik Brikha headline the Gothenburg warehouse space’s first event this Saturday (November 1st) meaning revellers will need to sign up by Friday (click here to register: )


“In Sweden every place closes at 3am or 5am at the latest,” club co-promoter (and Secret Island Nation founder) Bjorn explained.


“To be able to party all night we’ve formed an association to which only members have access. Therefore, every guest hast to register at least 24 hours before the event to become a supporting member. We are very strict with that rule, simply to avoid trouble with authorities.”


Chatting to Skrufff this week, the nowadays Gothenburg based promoter said their inspiration for the club, both in musical policy and venue, was his previous home town of Berlin.


“The Mythos venue is kind of a classical warehouse space, it’s industrial and rough with high ceilings, and is just perfect for a medium sized techno party, well, for Swedish standards, a rather big one with over 500sqm,” he said.


“Regarding sound and light we’re working together with our 10-year long Secret Island Nation Festival tech partner Hyrljudet, who has more than enough of quality gear to realize our requirements; which are Berlin club standards. Generally, our goal is to bring some Berlin vibe to Sweden with our own touch added.


“Mythos’s booking policy will combine top Swedish DJs with international names, preferably artists who have not played on the Swedish West coast so far. It’s sound could be described as ‘current Berlin club sound’.”


“A big bonus is the venue’s central location in the city, it’s just 10 minutes away from central station Göteborg and 5 minutes from the main bus station. The owners as well as the neighbours are supportive and plenty of related crews are helping us with the 100% custom-made build-up.


“Our only every-first-Saturday a month party concept aims to keep the Mythos events rare and therefore sought- after. They’re about quality over quantity,” he continued.


“We’d rather have one big, unique and memorable party per month then the same stuff every week-end – that could wear out too soon in the comparably small Swedish club scene.”


So what’s the Gothenburg club scene like currently in general?


“A lot has happened over the last few years: there have been several open air parties each weekend during the summer hidden in the woods, and plenty of small illegal rave clubs, sometimes dirty places but with more and more nice people,” said Bjorn.


“But there is not really a single (techno/electronic) night club that I could recommend  to a visitor, especially when it comes to quality music and closing times. Hopefully, Mythos can fill that spot from now on,” he concluded.




Mythos featuring Den Svenska Våren opens on Saturday 1 November featuring DJs Marcel Fengler (Berghain), Arik Brikha, Henrik Bergquist and Love Karlsson. Click here to register (BEFORE 22.00 Friday October 31)







Jonty Skrufff:




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