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Berlin- ‘Most Fun City’ – Official




“Berlin’s nightlife is justly world-renowned thanks to unpretentious dress codes, an inherently low-key/low-hype culture (many clubs are hidden away and don’t allow photography of any kind) – and a propensity to stay open until the last person is more or less stretchered out.” (Daily Telegraph)


Daily Telegraph ‘Berlin expert’ Paul Sullivan, explaining why Berlin came top of a new ‘world’s most fun’ city this week.



“It is not only poor and sexy but engaged and vital, a reminder of the more messy, contradictory and organic qualities that all cities should have but are elsewhere being replaced by homogeneous commercialism and a more extreme segregation of rich and poor.”  (Guardian)


While Guardian writer David Chipperfield hails its ability ‘not to be defined by wealth with Berliners ‘charmingly reflective and suspicious, its citizens rather unimpressed by the apparent imperatives of private investment and global image.’















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