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Seth Troxler Speaks Up Again Against Bigotry & Racism




Underground house star Seth Troxler continued his campaign to politicize clubbers and inspire outsiders this week, in an interview with DeepHouseAmsterdam.


“The race conversation is one of the most important of our time,” The London based Detroit raised star told the Dutch music portal, “In many ways America seems to be going back to the days of the Civil Rights movement.”


Troxler was responding to a question about the label he set up with the

Martinez Brothers in 2014, Tuskegee, to highlight America’s notorious Tuskegee Syphilis Study, in which hundreds of impoverished black farmers infected with syphilis were left untreated for decades to study the natural progression of the deadly disease.


Throughout the 40 year length of the 1932 study, the 600 farmers, 399 who already had syphilis at the start at the trial, were told they were being treated for ‘bad blood’ with free health care and food but were refused penicillin, even after the drug became proven as a cure in the 40s.


Chatting about the launch of Tuskegee last year, he told DJ Magazine the label drew ‘inspiration from “hidden, fucked up things that have happened through history’, while in an interview with the LA Times he said Tuskagee was just about ‘bringing back the sex and the race’.


“Through history, clubs have been a place of sexual and racial inclusion, somewhere to let it all go and to explore yourself,” he added.


“For me, exploring sexuality is something that frees people, the main point is how you push people to that idea and to create an environment of respect and freakiness.” 










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