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Honey Dijon on Transgender Politics and Transitioning


Honey Dijon- click for more



Underground Chicago house star Honey Dijon has published a thought-provoking post about transgender culture, on Facebook this week, directing her readers to an article ‘Is it a man or a woman? Transitioning and the cis gaze’ by Ray Filar’ which Honey said resonated deeply with her.


“I feel that most of our belief systems and internal thoughts about who we are, what we are, where we are, what we should be, who we should be, relationship models, measures of success, race, class, religion, sexuality, and gender are not really our own but constructs created mostly by white men of European descent based on fear, oppression, power, and general ignorance on the diversity of the human experience,” said Honey.


“We are living with antiquated thought and behavior. I hope this article opens a few minds not only on transfolk, but all of us because when one suffers because of difference we all do.


Being able to self define and the ability to self authenticate oneself is very powerful and the only way to healing and self love.”


“Oh and by the way,” Honey added. “I do not agree with the word transitioning for just transfolk.”


Everybody on this planet transitions from one state of being to another. If you have the luxury of a long life you will be many things along the course of your experience which is a constant state of change (transition).” 



 “To be trans is to have the fight against gender oppression inscribed on your body. Jacques points out that the difficult part is not living as the gender(s) you identify with, it is living in a neoliberal patriarchal society. It is facing down the simultaneous fascination and horror with which many people regard the idea of stepping out of an assigned gender box . . .”



Honey joins Black Madonna, Joost Van Bellen, legendary UK Trade/ Egg promoter Laurence Malice and Beatport media VP Zel McCarthy at ADE next Friday (October 16) to speak on the conference’s panelGay Clubs – Have We Forgotten Modern Dance Music’s Roots?’











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