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Berlin Brit ‘Murdered by Neukoln ‘Lone Wolf’ Neo-Nazi


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Anti-fascist campaigners are staging a demonstration in Berlin this weekend (Saturday April 9) to draw attention to the killings of Burak Bekta? and Luke Holland, both of whom were shot dead in separate incidents by a suspect believed to be Hitler-obsessed Berliner Rolf Z.


The 62 year old alleged assassin was first linked to the random shooting of Burak Bekta?, 22, in Neokoln in 2013, then arrested in September 2015 hours after 3 year old Oxford graduate Luke Holland was blasted to death as he chatted to a friend on his phone outside a Neukoln club.


Press reports at the time spoke of a customer inside the Del Rex nightclub becoming enraged at people speaking English and Spanish earlier in the evening, with one identifying Rolf Z as the man ranting about ‘hating foreigners’.


“We think he is a xenophobic person,” Luke’s lawyer Onur Ozata told the Mirror in January, “and that’s our working hypothesis- that he might have killed Luke because he was a foreigner.” (Mirror )


Organisers of the demonstration agreed.


“This all has to bee seen to the backdrop of an unprecedented series of racist killings by the Neo-Nazi terrorist organisation of the NSU („national socialist underground“) in the early 2000s,’ they declared.


“As to the similarity of the deed (walking up, killing and leaving without a word spoken to a randomly picked migrant) it has to be seriously concidered, whether the killing of Luke Holland was done to be perceived as standing in the tradition of the racist killings of the NSU.” (BurakBlogspot)



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