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Ministry Of Sound Deconstruct Berghain’s Door Policy


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Ministry Of Sound magazine reported this week that Berlin ‘clubbing is a little more exclusive’ than London’ in a feature examining ‘Berghain’s notorious door policy’ and the common characteristics of clubbers refused admission (as photographed leaving the club by Vice Magazine last year ).


“There are theories around the do’s and don’ts of getting in, though none seem to be foolproof,” said Ministry.


Going in big groups seems out of the question, as does being foreign, wearing anything other than black and in some suppositions, being a straight man.


“The one thing they have in common is they’re all wearing black.” (Ministry )


Vice’s Thump Magazine, meanwhile, published a fresh feature on Berghain this week examining ‘the power of the Berlin institution’ as evidenced through new Instragram account @berghainsticker, which focuses on pictures of the small stickers club security use to cover camera phones of every person admitted.


“The #berghainfilter signals a new age of Berghain mythology,” said Thump, “Where the club has become so hype that even its most ephemeral artifacts, like photos of colors, are fetishized.”  (Thump)



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