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Dave Smith’s Synthesizer First Steps

Godfather of MIDI/ Prophet 5 guru Dave Smith recalls creating his first ever commercially available electronic music machine the Sequential (in 1974)..... Continue reading

Filipino Prisons (& Formation Dancing) videos

Dancing Inmates, Radio Gaga with Prisoners, Thriller, Manila: The Slum (documentary) (don’t get caught…….) Continue reading

George Orwell’s Bohemian Chic

Classic George Orwell interview clips, texts and a fantastic documentary..... Continue reading

David Guetta’s (Not So) Minimal Moments

House of Pain, Snap, er, David...... Continue reading

The Clash – Classic interviews & Clips

“We tried to go to the Speakeasy, but they wouldn’t let us in because we weren’t cool enough . . .” Continue reading

Tricky’s True Terror

Massive Attack, Tricky and Killer spiders..... Continue reading

Neil Landstrumm’s Career Tip Extra Edge

Techno legend Neil Landstrumm warns that huge DJ fees are (almost always) incompatible with career longevity..... Continue reading

Punk Vs Disco

classic John Lydon videos..... Continue reading

Robert Mapplethorpe Video Clips

Robert Mapplethorpe by Patti Smith plus BBC 1978 documentary on the infamous East Village photographer/ legend….. Continue reading

Natural Disaster Gay Guy Outed by God

God delivers a direct message to Family Research Council president Tony Perkins...... Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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