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death rave

Bob Lefsetz Bursts EDM Bubble

“Can you believe death and drugs are gonna kill electronic music festivals? Just when the big boys got in. Maybe they should have stayed out....." Continue reading

Jonty Skrufff releases on Beatport (Yariv Bernstein/ MOTOR etc)

    Just did a quick search on beatport and discovered they have 5 of my productions available: click on the picture above for more . . .         Continue reading

MOTOR- Death Rave; latest big-ups

My new remix of MOTOR’s single Death Rave is out this week in the States on Steve Aoki’s kabel Dim Mak (and on T Raumchmiere’s Shitkatapult in Europe). More DJs are getting behind it including this bunch below: Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

Berlin Soul Syndication enquiries

If you are a radio station interested in broadcasting our weekly radio Show Berlin Soul please contact:
Jonty Skrufff @

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