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Nuclear War, Ecological Disasters & Ebola Top End Time Scenarios

"Extreme climate change, accidental nuclear wars and ebola-style epidemics in particular present tangible threats to the future of humanity........" Continue reading

Alien Invasion Radio Alert

“With recent detection of Earth-like planets in the habitable zones of other stars, we have natural targets for such transmission projects......" Continue reading

‘World is Fukt’ Next Week?

Leading Australian newspaper the Financial Review declared the ‘World Is Fukt’ on a frontpage edition published throughout Western Australia this week...... Continue reading

Convertible Car Sales Collapse as Inequality Increases

"The gap between rich and poor threatens to destroy us. The lesson of the past is that societies try to protect themselves: they close their borders or have revolutions – or end up going to war......" Continue reading

Syrian Clubbers Rave Under Fire

Diehard revellers in Damascus are ‘drowning out the thunder of artillery fire with the boom of dance music’, the Daily Mail reported this week, claiming the under siege city’s club scene is thriving despite Syria’s brutal civil war...... Continue reading

Doomsday Prophet Facing Financial Day of Judgement

Harold Camping’s sinister End Times organisation Family Radio is running out of money, USA Today reported this week, less than two years after the 91 year old preacher predicted incorrectly (for the second time) that the world was about to be consumed by biblical flames.... Continue reading

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