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UK Tech House DJ Stands Up for LGBT Rights

“House Music has given me a voice, a platform for expression, and generally a “passport” to experience this world globally. I want to give something back to the very source of the music and culture, from which it sprang......." Continue reading

ISIS – ‘A Rave Party of Violent Rebellion’

“ISIS has disillusioned male fans re-tweeting like One Direction fangirls, only with far different repercussions......." Continue reading

Jayne County Fights Back Against Facebook ‘Tranny’ Ban

“If this is what you are going to do with your rights then YOU DONt deserve to even have them ! I NO LONGER SUPPORT TRANS RIGHTS! I do not support FASCISM from anyone....." Continue reading

Gay Clubbers In Nigeria Face 5 Years’ Jail

“The (new) law goes further by sentencing ‘any person who registers, operates or participates in gay clubs, societies and organisation, or directly or indirectly make public show of same sex amorous relationship’ to up to 5 years' imprisonment……" Continue reading

Doomsday Prophet Facing Financial Day of Judgement

Harold Camping’s sinister End Times organisation Family Radio is running out of money, USA Today reported this week, less than two years after the 91 year old preacher predicted incorrectly (for the second time) that the world was about to be consumed by biblical flames.... Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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