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The Secret of Psy-Trance’s Success

“Shpongle have become the new Grateful Dead in America, selling out arenas like Red Rocks. Continue reading

Philosopher Argues Don’t Punish Any Drug Users At All

“I think it’s wrong to punish people just to get them not to do something bad......" Continue reading

Micro-doses and James Fadiman’s LSD Revelations

"LSD can increase your reflex time to lightning speed, improve your balance to the point of perfection, increase your concentration until you experience 'tunnel vision'........" Continue reading

Julian Cope Heroes (US abolitionist John Brown & George Gurdjieff)

“There’s a Princeton professor of Neurology who says a certain amount of brain damage is essential and I’d always quote him when my mother-in-law was going ‘Julian, I'd really like you to stop taking LSD from the point of view of my grandchildren'........." (plus a couple of Teardrop Explodes classics.....) Continue reading

CIA Hired Nazi Scientists To Weaponise LSD & Bubonic Plague

US secret service agents recruited top Nazi scientists to develop sarin gas cluster bombs and weaponized bubonic plague as well as to interrogate Russian spies with LSD….. Continue reading

Drug Crazed Dolphins Party on Poison Puffa Fish

“It reminded us of that craze a few years ago, when people started licking toads to get a buzz, especially the way they hung there in a daze afterwards……" Continue reading

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