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Gentrification Kills Bowie’s Favourite New York Studio

“As the city becomes more of a corporate and condo island, some of us wish for a better balance between money and art, between progress and preservation......" Continue reading

THE KING OF NEW YORK (W.I.Z. on Meeting Lou Reed)

The first time we ever went to the USA my producer Kim Mnguni and I, it was a brisk frosty spring 1994. We landed JFK and gaily rode the bus to Manhattan, passing street signs like ‘Queen’s’ and ‘Bronx’ sent us into paroxysm’s of awe. The whole day was spent strolling the pavements in pop revelry, Velvet Undergroud rhythms in our every step..... Continue reading

Lady Bunny’s Ultimate Lashes Lesson (interview)

“When putting on fake lashes, use a quality adhesive that is milky, not runny. Apply a stripe of adhesive along base of the false eyelashes and this is key: let it dry for 2-3 minutes before applying...." Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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