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The Clash – Classic interviews & Clips

“We tried to go to the Speakeasy, but they wouldn’t let us in because we weren’t cool enough . . .” Continue reading

Classic New Wave Videos

The Ruts, X Ray Spex, Buzzcocks, PATRIK FITZGERALD, Bow Wow Wow...... Continue reading

Iggy & The Stooges Classic Rock Links

Includes a hilarious spoken word session from Henry Rollins...... Continue reading

Don Letts’ Anti- Establishment Assessment

“These days, people get into music to be part of the establishment......." Continue reading

Bruce LaBruce Vs Gay Mainstream Culture

“I don’t think it’s about seeking out a gay scene anymore......" Continue reading

Classic Iggy Pop Video Links:

The true godfather of punk in his 70s heyday....... Continue reading

Berlin Snubs ‘hypercapitalist superclub ethic’

“In terms of nightlife, in some ways it's the opposite of the glitz and expense of Ibiza; Berlin is raw and scruffy and relatively cheap still....." Continue reading

Iran Bans ‘Gay’ Spiked’ Hair-styles

Iranian barbers’ union chief Mostafa Govahi has announced an extended ban on ‘homosexual’ and ‘devil-worshipping’ hairstyles...... Continue reading

Classic Debbie Harry

“The word 'iconic' is used too frequently - an icon is a statue carved in wood......" Continue reading

Simon Napier Bell: the Dodgy Business of Popular Music: Punk

“British punk was not as nihilist as the punk ethos actually dictated; British punks liked to be successful and earn money......." Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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