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Rio Music Conference

Peter Hook (Joy Division & New Order) Video Interview in Rio….

      I had the pleasure of interviewing punk/ acid house/ nightlife legend Peter Hook in Brazil in February (at the Rio Music Conference)……             Continue reading

Peter Hook on Joy Division and Dead Souls

Peter Hook headlines Rio Music Conference (RMC) next week, DJing both at Cave Club and RMC’s idyllic Copacabana base the Pestana Hotel as well as delivering a Q&A interview with Jonty Skrufff...... Continue reading

Paulo Tessuto from Carlos Capslock- Sao Paulo is Stranger Every Day (interview)

“What’s different it seems to me, is that more and more people are listening and dancing to EDM and more and more DJs here are starting to produce their own music and setting up labels. We’re becoming more professional but at the same time it’s still difficult for underground DJs to get booked at the big festivals and showcase parties…." Continue reading

IPM Roma 2013- Rio Music Conference Returns to Rome (interview)

IPM has an innovative approach of? networking and gathering the trade for doing business and also discussing the industry in a new ?perspective and it has, over the past two years, opened my mind to new kinds of partnerships...." Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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