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tribal gathering

E is for Ecstasy Alert

“At the moment ecstasy is very pure, but people are taking too much because they don't realise....." Continue reading

Tribal Gathering Munich (1994) video clips

Three video clips from one of the wildest mega-raves of the 90s…... Continue reading

Tribal Gathering Founder Dies Following Goa Motorbike Crash

Pioneering British techno promoter Paul Shurey has died after sustaining serious head injuries in a motorcycle accident in India.... Continue reading

Tribal Gathering Founder In India Motorbike Accident Appeal

“Paul Shurey, has found himself in the most dire of situations. After a car crash he is In hospital and in intensive care in India. He is critically ill, the insurance won't pay out and he needs OUR help..." Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

Berlin Soul Syndication enquiries

If you are a radio station interested in broadcasting our weekly radio Show Berlin Soul please contact:
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